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Alone Together

Sound Check

Delaware River Suite

The Nearness of Two


The Stamm/Soph Project - Live at Birdland

By Ourselves

The Stamm/Soph Project


Fast Track

Alone Together - The Marvin Stamm Quartet

This two-disc set, including a DVD & a CD, is a recording and video taken from a live concert performed November 5, 2006, at Rising Jazz Stars in Beverly Hills, California. The Marvin Stamm Quartet features long-time band-mates Bill Mays on piano, Rufus Reid on bass, and Ed Soph on drums, playing a mixture of standards and originals. Because the group is captured playing in a concert setting, they are not restricted by any time limitations on either their development of each piece or upon their solos, that is, they are seen here really “stretching out.” I believe this DVD/CD set exhibits the group at its most free, displaying both visually and audibly the extreme sensitivity and marvelous communication that passes between the four of us.

Track List:

1.) Alone Together (opening and Marvin's solo
2.) Come Out and Play
3.) Invitation
4.) Baubles, Bangles, and Beads (opening and Stamm/Mays duo improv
5.) Lagrima Agradecida
6.) Fun House
7.) When She Looks At Me
8.) ’T’s Butter

Sound Check - Jack Cortner Big Band


Sound Check is the second big band recording in which Jack Cortner leads his New York big band of studio and jazz greats through eleven great musical charts. Sound Check again features my trumpet and flugelhorn along with Bill Mays, piano; Jon Gordon, alto sax; Jim Pugh, trombone; Dave Tofani, tenor sax; John Riley, drums.

As writer Doug Ramsey states in his liner notes: "Cortner did not intend to do a sequel to Fast Track. As arranger, leader, producer, disciplinarian and father confessor to 23 musicians, he was ready to rest on his laurels. However, reviewers of that album were enthusiastic, and so was Marvin Stamm. 'Before the first one came out,' Cortner recalled, 'Marvin was saying, What are you thinking about for the second album? It’s like that old Broadway thing. If you write a Broadway show, the night before it opens you start writing the next show. So, Marvin was sort of doing that to me. And I said, ‘You mean featuring Marvin Stamm,’ and he said, ‘Yeah.’”

Track List:

1.) Strike Up The Band 
2.) Speak Low 
3.) Sometime Ago 
4.) Cantaloupe Island 
5.) Sound Check 
6.) Yesterdays 
7.) Caravan
8.) Cinema Paradiso Love Theme
9.) à la Mode
10.) You And The Night And The Music 
11.) It's All Right With Me

Delaware River Suite - The Inventions Trio


This second recording by Inventions is a culmination of three years of playing together as a trio. Besides being a working and recording unit, off the bandstand we’re like family. We really love one another and have lots of fun every time we hit the road together! I never considered when introducing my musical soul mate Bill Mays to the talented young cellist Alisa Horn, whom I have known seemingly forever, that things would turn out as they did. I had hoped that Bill would write a piece for us that we might one day play, but never thought that three years hence, this trio would be performing consistently and releasing our second CD.

Track List:

1.) Zingaro
2.) Sippin' At Bells/Dance of the Infidels
** Delaware River Suite (Trks. 3 - 9)  **
3.) Prologue/Narrowsburg Deep 
4.) Rapid Ride at Skinner's Falls
5.) Float
6.) Shohola Hoedown and Campfire
7.) Rollin' Down the Water Gap
8.) Philadelphia
9.) Towards the Sea
10.) Bachianas Brasilieras No. 5
11.) Charlotte Delights
12.) Nuages

The Nearness of Two / Dena DeRose-Marvin Stamm


In 2006 I was invited to teach at the St. Louis Music College in Rome. Upon accepting this invitation, I contacted Giancarlo DiNaploi, one of the producers of the Ancona Jazz Festival, to see if there might be an opportunity to perform in Ancona while in Italy. Giancarlo seemed delighted with the idea and suggested a duo concert with singer/pianist Dena DeRose, who he said had quite a following in Ancona. I had met Dena, but we had never played together nor had I ever heard her perform. My friend, pianist Bill Mays, had spoken to me several times about Dena, always with the greatest of respect, and I was very excited about the idea of working in this duo setting with her. Within a short time, Giancarlo had arranged for us to do an opening concert at the Ancona Jazz Festival for a select audience. This recording is a documentation of that concert.

Track List:

1.) There Is No Greater Love   (Opening/Marvin's solo) (Dena's solo)
2.) Corcovado
3.) How Deep Is the Ocean    (Opening/Dena's solo) (Marvin's solo)
4.) In the Glow of the Moon
5.) I'm Old-Fashioned
6.) Imagine
7.) Straight, No Chaser
8.) The Nearness of You
9.) Joy Spring    (Opening/Dena's solo) (Marvin's solo)

Fantasy - The Inventions Trio


A new endeavor by Bill Mays and Marvin Stamm which brings to the fore cellist Alisa Horn to join them in a trio setting of great classical themes interspersed with the musically moving improvisations for which Marvin Stamm and Bill Mays are known. Critics have been overwhelmingly accepting of this venture. In the words of Judith Schlesinger at AllAboutJazz.com, "It’s rare for classical music and jazz to nestle this comfortably together, but Fantasy is so tuneful and well-crafted that partisans of both sides will find much to enjoy—and those who already frolic in the third stream will be positively delighted."

Track List:

1.) Baubles, Bangles, and Beads - Borodin/Wright/Forrest
2.) Vocalise - Rachmaninoff
3.) Fantasy for Cello, Trumpet, and Piano - Mvt. 1 - Mays 
4.) Fantasy for Cello, Trumpet, and Piano - Mvt. 2 - Mays
5.) Fantasy for Cello, Trumpet, and Piano - Mvt. 3 - Mays
6.) Prelude #2 - Gershwin
7.) Prelude Op. 11, #3/Sometime Ago - Scriabin/Mahanovich
8.) Girl with the Flaxen Hair - Debussy
9.) Invention #8/Ah-Leu-Cha - Bach/Parker

The Stamm/Soph Project - Live At Birdland


A second outing for The Stamm/Soph Project, Live at Birdland, produced with co-partner drummer Ed Soph, showcases Marvin Stamm's working quartet recorded "live" at the famous New York Jazz club, Birdlnd. This CD features long-time band mates pianist Bill Mays and bassist Rufus Reid with special guest guitarist John Abercrombie.

Track List:

1.) Svensson  (opening)  (Marvin's solo)
2.) Samba du Nancy
3.) In Her Arms
4.) Waltz for Mia   (opening)  (Marvin's solo)
5.) Two as One
6.) When She Smiles Upon Your Face
7.) Gemma's Eyes
8.) The Meddler

By Ourselves - The Marvin Stamm/Bill Mays Duo


Marvin Stamm - Trumpet & flugelhorn. Bill Mays - piano. Jazz Trumpeter Marvin Stamm and pianist Bill Mays capture their years long collaboration in this extraordinary release. Eleven tracks including the "title" track By Myself, You and the Night and the Music, Con Alma, and Airegin.

Track List:

1.) By Myself
2.) You and the Night and the Music
3.) The Lamp is Low
4.) The Widow in the Window
5.) Judy
6.) Beautiful Love   (opening)  (Marvin's solo)
7.) Waltz for Mia
8.) You Must Believe in Spring
9.) Airegin
10.) Madrugada
11.) Con Alma

The Stamm/Soph Project


Marvin Stamm and drummer Ed Soph lead an extraordinary small group in this new release. Bassist Rufus Reid and pianist Bill Mays complete the quartet. Saxophonist Dave Liebman is the special guest on three tracks.

Track List:

1.) Three and One  (opening)   (Marvin's solo)
2.) Nardis
3.) The Night Has a Thousand Eyes
4.) Lament
5.) Bick's Bag
6.) No Hurry
7.) Joy Spring   (opening)   (Stamm/Mays dueting)
8.) Hip Hop Blues
9.) Who's 'At Talkin'?   (Marvin's solo)
10.) Old Folks



This quartet CD was just released in November 2001 on the Troppe Note/Cambria label and features, along with Marvin Stamm, the marvelous young pianist from Sweden, Stefan Karlsson with Tom Warrington, bass and Eliot Zigmund, drums. This disk contains nine compositions, six originals – two each by Stamm and Karlsson and one each from Swedish composer Lars Jansson and trumpeter Dennis Dotson – and three standards, among which are Gershwin's But Not For Me, Ray Noble’s The Very Thought of You and Jimmy Van Heusen's But Beautiful.

Track List:

1.) Smilin' Eyes
2.) But Not For Me
3.) The Very Thought of You
4.) Illusions
5.) Close To Home
6.) A Lick or Two
7.) The Tree
8.) But Beautiful
9.) A Rosy Tone

Fast Track - Jack Cortner New York Big Band



Even though Jack Cortner has been one of the busiest arranger/composers on the NYC studio scene for forty years, Fast Track is the first CD Jack has produced under his own name, showcasing his Jazz talent. I am proud to be the prominent soloist on the this album along with pianist Bill Mays, saxophonist Dave Tofani, trombonist Jim Pugh, and drummer John Riley.

Track List:

1.) Who's 'at Talkin'?
2.) Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise
3.) Ballad for Betsy
4.) Etude
5.) Secret Love
6.) On the Trail
7.) Limehouse Blues
8.) Slowdown
9.) Flimflam, Ma'am
10.) Fast Track
11.) Lover Man

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